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My TEDx talk on addressing how social media is transforming diplomacy

12 June 2017

A feature by The Danish Ministry of Education and Research on the occasion of my reception of the Danish Elite Research Award, February 2019.


Rebecca Adler-Nissen, interview by Jane Kirkpatrick for E-International Relations: “So far, two periods in my life have profoundly shaped my thinking. The first was my graduate studies in Paris at Sciences Po where I discovered that the boundaries of ‘International Relations’ are historical and partly arbitrary. The second period of great eye-opening moments was during my stint at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs where I had the opportunity to work with people who in their everyday practices questioned everything that I had learned about ‘national interests’, ‘sovereignty’ and ‘strategy’. Experiencing how a country actually identifies and defends its interest is a mind-blowing experience”

A short presentation (in Danish) of our findings on digital disinformation

23 October 2018.

Von der Leyen's speech will go into history for its clear articulation of the geopolitical premise that Europe is fundamentally alone in the world; that it cannot count on US support, and that the EU will have to lead its own fights for its interests and values globally #SOTEU

I morgen kl 16 kan man streame en fed⁩ konference om Kommissionsformand Ursula ⁦von der Leyens⁩ State-of-the Union-tale. Hvordan mener hun, at EU’s fremtid ud? Vi vælger de mest interessante citater ud og vender dem hos @Altingetdk⁩ #eudk

Tillykke til @KuSamf-studerende Rebecca Kjar-Levine fra @PolsciCph med 1.pladsen i KUs Corona-essay-konkurrence! Læs digtet og @Uniavisens portræt af hende her:

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