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My TEDx talk on addressing how social media is transforming diplomacy

12 June 2017

A feature by The Danish Ministry of Education and Research on the occasion of my reception of the Danish Elite Research Award, February 2019.


Rebecca Adler-Nissen, interview by Jane Kirkpatrick for E-International Relations: “So far, two periods in my life have profoundly shaped my thinking. The first was my graduate studies in Paris at Sciences Po where I discovered that the boundaries of ‘International Relations’ are historical and partly arbitrary. The second period of great eye-opening moments was during my stint at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs where I had the opportunity to work with people who in their everyday practices questioned everything that I had learned about ‘national interests’, ‘sovereignty’ and ‘strategy’. Experiencing how a country actually identifies and defends its interest is a mind-blowing experience”

A short presentation (in Danish) of our findings on digital disinformation

23 October 2018.

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Check out this wonderful thread by the authors of our paper on how citizens engage with #misinformation on #Twitter in #Denmark during the #COVID-19 #pandemic.

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Nicklas Johansen @Nicklas_Johanse

New study with @KjCathrine, @verratrix, @RebekahBaglini & @RebAdlerNissen in the Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review on how citizens respond to Covid-19 misinformation.

Read our paper here and check this 🧵on our main findings (1/7)

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